Tessera Mesh Composer

Tessera Mesh Composer is a state of the art tool for technical artists to create recipes for procedural meshes. Existing procedural generation tools on the market are often too expensive for independent developers and typically require exporting static meshes. Tessera offers similar features at a more affordable price. Additionally, Teserra recipes, which provide instructions on how an asset should be built, can be imported directly into popular game engines and tools like Unity, Unreal, Blender, and Godot to procedurally generate assets on the fly. This powerful capability can reduce the size of your binaries and provide a breathtakingly infinite array of in-game assets.


Rumor is a no-frills branching dialog scripting language for Unity3D. Existing branching narrative tools often have several limitations; for example, being unable to be compiled at runtime and only be able to represent a certain kind of dialog. Rumor, on the other hand, can be compiled at runtime and its powerful yet simple syntax can represent a myriad of different kinds of branching dialogs from visual-novel style decision trees and realtime decision making. This flexibility allows you to explore many different approaches to delivering narrative content all while using the same, expressive syntax. It’s also easy to diff and read! You can check Rumor out for yourself here.